23 mai 2024





Legal Elite Awards 2024-Association of Independent Inventors – Romania
Association of Independent Inventors -AII- Romania
Iordan Stavar –President

Legal Elite Awards 2024:

Legal Elite AwardsWelcome to New World Report’s Legal Elite Awards 2024, where legal sector excellence in the Americas takes center stage! This is a prestigious awards program that honors the outstanding achievements and contributions of legal professionals who consistently raise the bar in the legal industry:


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Med Beds Actuarian Alien Technology

Aparat Stimulator Electroterapie-Electropunctura Quantica

Dispozitiv Impamantare – Medicina Cuantica Qi

Despre noi

” Suntem ca stelele cazatoare, stralucim cateva secunde in cadere si disparem in neantul cosmic, uneori cu folos pentru tine omule.” – Iordan Stavar.

Autor: Iordan STAVAR

Data:24. may 2024

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