10 dec. 2020

R&D alternator technology 2019 – swot analysis

We looking for company,investors/partners  & Development new Technology:

Smart Reluctance Alternator – Swot Analysis

R&D New Alternator technology 2019 – Swot Analysis

New Alternator 2019 – Swot Analysis

Permanent neodymium magnets-excitation

1 – Braking torque load less by up to 50%.
.2 – Self Overload and short circuit protection (due to the geometry construction);
3 – Self-regulation of the batteries charging process by the naturalcharacteristic of current limitation;
4- low starting (cogging) torque;
5- maximum reliability due to the neutral rotor magnetic switch & brushless excitation.

All these features recommend SRTM for following industrial domains applications:

– REGENERATIVE ENERGY SYSTEMS in the „backup” applications with the buffer accumulator battery for:

– Wind turbines with vertical or horizontal axle or hydro-turbine

– Stationary or mobile GENERATOR GROUP for increase the autonomy and reduce the fuel consumption:

–  High-performance Welding generators sets for stationary or mobile applications

– automotive transport systems industry

– Alternators for auto-motors & for hybride electric cars for increase the autonomy and reduce the fuel consumption:

– railway

  • Alternators for LIGHTING WAGONS for increase the reliability and reduce the fuel consumption;

– aerospace, defence and naval;

– Alternators for „on board” generators

We have prototype with tests !!!



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